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What’s New

To make life easier for regular or returning visitors to the site to see what’s been added or changed, here is a list of recent changes and additions that have been made.

As part of our Kays Everywhere project, we've now worked through the 1841 census for Lancashire and the results are displayed.
A map of Lancashire before 1800 has been added, based on the data held in our Parish Register Database. We've also drilled down to look at Bury before 1700. We haven't finished yet!
The General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May 2018 requires us to have a Privacy Statement. This is a clear statement of our responsibilities with respect to the information we hold about members.
A look at where the Kays lived. This has proved to be a much bigger undertaking than was thought, but it's a start. The data is presented both graphically and as interactive maps. But be warned that if you're using Internet Explorer, it doesn't work with versions before IE9 - earlier versions don't support the technology used here.

If you have suggestions about improvements that can be made to the site, or articles that you’d like to see added, do please contact us.