The Kay Family Association UK

2017 AGM Minutes

Minutes of KFA (UK) AGM 29th April 2017 Oadby, Leics.

Present: Bill Kaye (Ch), Jonathan Kay, Alison Kaye,
Margaret Meadowcroft, Kay Relf, Julie Turner Steve Yates
Apologies: Geoff Fitzpatrick, Pat Fitzpatrick

Minutes of AGM 2016 were read and approved.

Chair’s report

  • Julie was thanked for her work as treasurer.
  • Geoff (in his absence) was thanked by Bill for his hard work in producing the Kay Times and Bulletins.
  • Pat (in her absence) was thanked for her membership work. Bill said that, like many other groups the membership numbers were declining but the website has helped recruit some new members.
  • Kay was thanked for her work and organisation.
  • Jonathan and Steve and Geoff were thanked for their research work both reactive and proactive and input on our Internet presence.
  • Bill said that the Gathering at the Holiday Inn in Nottingham had been successful and enjoyable although there were only a few non-committee members. It was suggested and agreed that as gatherings in Lancashire or Yorkshire were usually better attended that is where we should meet in future. The afternoon session had consisted of talks from Jonathan, Steve and Geoff and all were well received and full of information.

Secretary’s report

  • Kay had nothing to report apart from an AGM apology from Hilary Rosankiewicz.

Treasurer’s report

  • Julie presented the treasurer’s report and the balance sheet. There was £100 fall in income from subscriptions but there is still a healthy balance in the accounts. Some figures relating to the hire of meeting rooms for the gatherings were presented and fortunately showed a downward trend.
  • The accounts were agreed by all present and Julie thanked for her work.

Membership Secretary’s report

  • Pat had sent her report to Kay.
  • It was stated that the number of non-renewals this year was 18 but she was still expecting a few more people to renew.
  • Membership currently stands at 65 which includes 2 life and 10 honorary members.

Kay Times & Kay Bulletin editor’s report

  • Jonathan has taken over the production of the Kay Times and Kay Bulletins from Geoff who was thanked for his sterling work over many years! All committee members present thanked Jonathan.

Matter for consideration at AGM

  • Last year a member had suggested that the title of the Association should reflect the main alternative spelling and include Kaye. This would be cumbersome and complicated.
  • Jonathan has now included variants of Kay on the web pages which also acknowledges that we welcome people with all spellings.

Election of Officers: The following were elected en bloc.
Chairman Bill Kaye Secretary Kay Relf, Treasurer Julie Turner
Membership Secretary Pat Fitzpatrick Internet and Kay Publications Officer Jonathan Kay
Committee members Geoff Fitzpatrick, Alison Kaye, Margaret Meadowcroft, Steve Yates

The AGM closed at 13.00. Kay was thanked for hosting the AGM.