The Kay Family Association UK

Parish Register Database

Over the years in our hunt for those elusive ancestors, our members have looked at thousands of parish register entries for Kays, some on-line, some from published extracts and some even in the original documents. In many cases, we have recorded all of those entries and not just the ones that were relevant to us.

The result of this is that we have a record of many tens of thousands of recorded entries for Kay births, marriages and deaths. This page is where we share them and make them available to members of the Association to help with their researches.

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Search on names, locations and dates to see if the name you are looking for can be found.
A list of all parishes that have been covered, together with the dates covered and whether there are any Kays there.
What's available on this page and how to use it. You will find that the Search page has its own help page, as does the page that displays details of an event.