The Kay Family Association UK

What’s shown

Much of what’s shown here is derived from the 1841 census, that being the earliest complete analysis that’s available. While not perfect, we can be reasonably sure that most Kays were living in the same area as their ancestors – 1841 was before the advent of the railways made mass mobility feasible, though there would inevitably have been a migration towards the industrial centres.

How it’s counted

We’re showing both a simple head count, and a count of households. The head count is straightforward, the number of households is not. We believe it’s important to identify the households, as that’s going to show where the Kays came from. A single Kay living in a village miles from any other Kays in all probability wasn’t born there but moved there from somewhere else.

So we’re counting only dwellings where the first named person is Kay as Kay households. This is, to an extent, notional, but for any other approach we’d be making guesses in many cases, some of which will be valueless. This approach is at least consistent, and no better or worse than any other.

How it’s displayed

You can choose how the information’s displayed: