The Kay Family Association UK

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KFA USA – The Robert Kay family association. The KFA-USA has over 800 members and is largely composed of descendants of Robert Kay, who was born in Virginia c1725 and died in South Carolina in 1801. The second edition of the book ‘Descendants of Robert Kay’ published in 1999, weighs six pounds and lists over 4000 Kays! This Robert was believed (but had not been proven) to be the great grandson of the immigrant James Kay of Bury UK, who left Lancashire in the 1660s and settled in Virginia. The family home in Lancashire was a small cottage called Birdhole in the attractive Irwell valley just to the north of Bury. The cottage can be visited today and is now known as Birdhall cottage. The owner occupants are always pleased to show visitors around. It is a ‘must’ for KFA-USA members visiting the UK.

The Entwistle Family History Association UK – Entwistles regularly appear on Kay family trees, and the mother of perhaps the most famous Kay of all – John Kay, who invented the flying shuttle – was an Entwistle.