The Kay Family Association UK


We have a number of projects either completed or on-going, and are always on the look-out for suggestions for more.

This was without doubt the largest and most significant project we have ever undertaken, involving as it did collecting DNA samples from 52 male Kays and tabulating the results. Those results were remarkable and are recorded here. It is still a hope that we will repeat the exercise one day, and take advantage of the advances in the science since the time of the project.
To mark the centenary of the First World War, we are compiling a list of Kays who fell in that conflict. If you have names to add to the database, or more information about anyone already recorded, do please let us know.
John Kay, the man who invented the Flying Shuttle and was one of the founding fathers of the Industrial Revolution, is possibly the best known Kay of all. But the tale of his descendants is very obscure, and we would like to compile a full list of these. There is a lot of false information in circulation in this area, and we intend to be rigorous. If you can trace your ancestry back to John, please contact us.
Over the years we have gathered many thousands of records of Kay births, marriages and deaths. It has long been our hope to correlate them and put them on line for the benefit of members of the Association. We are now in a position to start the work.
We have started a database and associated photos of Kay Family burials. The intent is to build on the work of the associated Parish Register database so that we have records of Kay burials (usually in places that are not documented elsewhere, plus a photo of any memorial).
We have started a project to compile a database of Kays who served in WW1 and survived. This includes those whose service was in a civilian capacity. Please let us know if you find a relative on the list, or have information about a relative who is not on the list.