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Over the years, many articles – some specialised, and some of general interest – have been written about Kays. This page is a repository for these articles to make them more widely available. Click on any of the links below to access the article.

At the bottom of the list, there is a link to a page where we are showing articles from earlier editions of our newsletter Kay Times that might be of interest to newer members (this is for members only). Alternatively, click here to view it.

A not too serious look at possible origins for our surname.
As the title suggests, we really do have Kays and variants of the name all over the country. A look at where those Kays were to be found.
An article by Dr George Redmonds describing how research he did among documents now in Kansas showed the origins of the original John Kay of Woodsome in Almondbury in the West Riding of Yorkshire.
Investigating the history of the coat of arms we proudly display at the top of this site.
Our family album. A display of some of the pictures we have accumulated over the years of places with Kay links, and a brief summary of the history of that link.
You might be surprised to learn that one of the foremost male ballet dancers of the twentieth century was a Kay. He was Sidney Francis Patrick Chippendall Healey Kay, known to his family and friends as Pat Kay, but known to the wider public as Sir Anton Dolin. He was largely responsible through his efforts as a dancer and choreographer for the wide appeal that ballet has today.
An article about the legendary Cavalier, one of the commanders at the siege of Lathom House, the principal residence of the Earl of Derby.
Richard Kay of Baldingstone was an 18th century doctor who kept a diary for 13 years. It is a fascinating document, giving us insights into medicine as it was practised then, the thoughts of a strict Presbyterian of the time, and a close-up view of the 1745 rebellion.
A number of articles from earlier editions of our newsletter Kay Times that might be of interest to newer members.