The Kay Family Association UK

Kay Family Memorials

The Kay Family Association are developing a repository for photographs (old and new) of all Kay(e) Memorials and Inscriptions. These can usually be found in graveyards but may also be found on War Memorials and Rolls of Honour or in newspaper articles and advertisements.

Typical places for Rolls of Honour for service personnel can be churches, railway stations, ports, airports etc.

If during your travels you come across a Memorial, Plaque or Inscription with a Kay(e) (or one of the many Kay derivatives) name then please take a photo and send it to

Many of these memorials from Victorian times (and earlier) are now starting to show signs of decay. The worst ones may already be unreadable or worse have fallen or are broken. Memorials of sandstone are the worst offenders.

Eventually these photos will be published via our web pages but will only be available to members of the Association; we will also provide a link to/from our Kay Burials Index.