The Kay Family Association UK


This page is still very experimental, but we want to offer as much help as we can to make the site accessible for the blind and partially sighted. We welcome suggestions on how our accessibility can be improved. For a start, this page has been set narrower to make it easier to read with a magnifier.

As a general principle, <alt> tags are used where possible and JavaScript kept to a minimum to make the site easier to handle for text readers such as Jaws and SuperNova. For visitors who are using screen magnification, we currently offer the following – please select the ones you would like to try then click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page:

The current fixed width of a page is too wide - display pages in a narrower window. Menus will be adjusted so that they tend to go down the page rather than across.
Change the font used in all pages. There is no option to change the font size as it is assumed your magnifier will be doing that already. Select the font from this list, or tell us if you have a preference you would like added.
Remove the colour from menu options and links to make them more visible.
On some pages we use grey-shading to enhance presentation. Please indicate if you would like that switched off.