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They say that every site should have one, and who are we to argue? We offer here an overview of the site and items that may be of interest to the new visitor. Click on any of the menu options in the list below to see what’s available in that section of the site. Each item in the list that is shown is a direct link to that page. It you are using a text reader such as Jaws or SuperNova, please click on the link that follows and the full site map will be shown to make it easier to read.

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Within the About us tab we have:

  • About us: Our 'mission statement' - how the association started, our aims and our policy.
  • About This Site: A general statement of the aims and principals of the site.
  • Site Map: An overview of the site and what's available.
  • Members' Page: A list of what's available to logged in members, plus a link to log in.
  • Membership: What membership offers and how to apply.
  • Privacy Statement: Our Privacy Statement as required by the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Accessibility: We want to make this site accessible to those with visual impairment. This page, albeit still very experimental, attempts to address the issue.
  • The Committee: The members of the committee.
  • Contact us: How to get in touch with us.
Within the News tab we have:
  • News: Items of news relating to the Association, and other items that may be of interest.
  • Minutes of meetings: Minutes of our AGMs and of the twice-yearly meetings of the committee Members only.
  • Recordings: Recordings that members may be interested in. Members only.
Within the Projects tab we have:
  • Projects: We have a number of projects that have been completed or are still in progress. They all have their own pages, but this page lists them all.
  • Project 50: A report on our own DNA project that was conducted some years ago.
  • Fallen Heroes: A database that we have compiled of Kays who fell in World War 1.
  • John Kay Inventor of the Flying Shuttle: As Kays, we cannot ignore him. We have a project in progress where we aim to build a list of his descendants.
  • Parish Register Database: We are starting to pull together the tens of thousands of births, marriages and deaths that we have collected, to make them available to members.
  • Kay Family Memorials: We are collecting references and pictures of Kay memorials and gravestones.
  • WW1 Roll of Honour: A database we have compiled of Kays who served in World War 1, in a military or civilian capacity, and survived. Members only.
Within the Research tab we have:
  • Research: What we can offer to help your research.
  • Some Useful Links: Links to sites that may be useful to your research.
  • Members' Research: Members can share their areas of research, or find a member who might be able to help them.
  • Researching Relatives from the Great War: Some tips on where to go to find relatives you believe fought or been otherwise involved in the Great War.
  • Members' Family Trees: We're working on building a way of presenting family trees on-line. This is the first prototype. Members only.
  • Parish Register Database: We are starting to pull together the tens of thousands of births, marriages and deaths that we have collected, to make them available to members. Members only.
  • Repository: The data we have collected over the years during our research.
  • Document Library: Our document repository. Members only.
Within the Articles tab we have:
  • Articles: A number of articles that we feel are of interest to members and visitors alike.
  • What's In A Name: A not too serious look at possible origins for our surname.
  • Kays Everywhere: As the title suggests, we really do have Kays and variants of the name all over the country. A look at where those Kays were to be found.
  • John Kay of Salfordshire and Farnley Tyas: An article showed the origins of the original John Kay of Woodsome in Almondbury in the West Riding of Yorkshire.
  • The Kay Arms: Investigating the history of the coat of arms we proudly display at the top of this site.
  • Kay Homes: Our family album. A display of some of the pictures we have accumulated over the years of places with Kay links, and a brief summary of the history of that link.
  • Sir Anton Dolin: One of the foremost male ballet dancers of the twentieth century was a Kay. Christened Sidney Kay, he was known to his family and friends as Pat; to the wider public he was the ballet dancer Sir Anton Dolin.
  • Captain Kay: An article about the legendary Cavalier, one of the commanders at the siege of Lathom House near Wigan, the principal residence of the Earl of Derby.
  • The Diary of Richard Kay: Kay of Baldingstone was an 18th century doctor who kept a diary for 13 years. It is a fascinating document, giving us insights into medicine as it was practised then, the thoughts of a strict Presbyterian of the time, and a close-up view of the 1745 rebellion.
  • Past Articles: A number of articles from earlier editions of our newsletter Kay Times that might be of interest to newer members. Members only.