The Kay Family Association UK

Members’ Page

This is a list of pages that are available only to members of the Association. If you are a member but do not yet have a login ID for this site, please contact If you do have a login ID, click on the link below to log in.

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  • Minutes of meetings: Minutes of our AGMs and of the twice-yearly meetings of the committee
  • Recordings: Recordings that members may be interested in.


  • WW1 Roll of Honour: A database we have compiled of Kays who served in World War 1, in a military or civilian capacity, and survived.


  • Members' Family Trees: We're working on building a way of presenting family trees on-line. This is the first prototype.
  • Parish Register Database: We are starting to pull together the tens of thousands of births, marriages and deaths that we have collected, to make them available to members.
  • Document Library: Our document repository.


  • Past Articles: A number of articles from earlier editions of our newsletter Kay Times that might be of interest to newer members.

Other pages

  • Site Access Report: A graphical presentation of the way our site's being used