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Lancashire before 1800

The information in this map is derived from our Parish Register Database, and groups the results into the original (pre 1800) parishes; given the wild variations in spelling at the time, no attempt has been made to analyse a breakdown of different names. Hover over a parish to see the proportion of the total that were living there. If you are using a device with a touch-sensitive screen, you can also touch the parish to show the information. Note that:

What you see when the page is first displayed is the number of birth, death and marriages we have from before 1800. Under the Key box, there are two check boxes that allow you to focus in on the 17th or the 18th century. Although we’ve tried to cover as many registers as we could, some registers just haven’t survived so we may have patchy coverage in some areas for the early part of the 17th century – the numbers have been adjusted to allow for this.

As with the map of England and Wales, you can use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the Key box to change the weights given to numbers, and overcome what can only be described as the ‘Bury effect’ that you can see here. You can also show the figures adjusted for area, giving a better idea of ‘Kays per square mile’.

For more detail on Bury, see Bury before 1700.

Boundaries based on data from the Lancashire Archives
Colours vary with the actual figures. The above are simply a guide.
17th century
18th century
Adjust for area